BuzzBundle Review

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Social media is an integral part of building online presence. If you have a website or a simple blog, you know how difficult it is to keep track of all your interactions efficiently. BuzzBundle is a software-based app that provides the greatest expediency in terms brand management. It is designed to help bloggers and online marketers to help in nurturing the website through creating a buzz. The app reaches across different platforms to assist you in discovering how to get the best out of their available tools. In this BuzzBundle review, we will look into some of the main features of the product as well as the pros and cons of using it.

Brand Monitoring

BuzzBundle is efficient in monitoring competing websites with similar products so as to keep publishing relevant data in the industry. This system allows you to add up to ten competitors and URLs which increases the information available for tracking your website niche. This function is driven by the search engine function that is able to find keywords and campaigns that align with yours. If you want to know which of the many SEO strategies are in current use and determine their success, the software offers a comprehensive analysis of the competition’s strategy in real-time and you can determine whether it is working and how to best present your website as a better option. This spy feature has been rated highly by all other BuzzBundle review forums.

Publishing Management

The publishing management aspect of BuzzBundle has important features to ease the process. It can shorten URLs which are easier for customers and visitors to use while reducing the untidy clutter often caused by the presence of links especially on social media posts. Several messages can be published simultaneously to different networks without the necessity of logging in and out of all the pertinent accounts. Some of the messages can be generic and therefore apply to all networks but the BuzzBundle goes further in managing different profiles under each created persona. This sends specific information to each account to avoid miscommunication.

Social Network Engagement

Through monitoring the industry of the website niche, BuzzBundle is able to aid in interactions across the social media and communication platforms. This does not mean only the popular sharing sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Blogs, user forums and Q&A sites are also included which will enable you to create the right buzz for your products. You can join conversations that relate to the brand in a timely manner and promote positive engagement with other users. This is the best way to generate organic traffic cheaply and without compromising on quality standards.

Pros and Cons

Accessibility for all social media networks in one place is one of the greatest advantages. It minimizes wasting time and improves efficiency. Creating persona profiles is ideal for posting different messages on dissimilar sites and the interface is easy to use and somewhat intuitive. The main drawback of the software is that setting up the sites takes a little time. If you fail to add all your relevant sites, the functionality of the software will not be optimal.  Good news is if you add the account info it will create sites for you on all the sites scripted within the software.  When you are ready to invest in a management tool, consider this BuzzBundle review to determine if it is right for you.

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