An Honest Kontent Machine Review

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Kontent machine is a piece of software that aids in spinning content and publishing it on your site with other media and affiliate links. It takes the original article and rewrites it by rewording sentences and using synonyms.

The software definitely makes your work easier by helping you in your work. However, you must keep in mind that with spinning you won’t get 100% unique content every time. It’s a fact that you need to accept. Though you won’t get completely unique content while you’re scraping articles, it saves tons of time and the quality of the content is there. So let’s have a closer look at how this software works.

Making it work!

When you first open the Kontent Machine software you’ll come across six small icons that read like “tools”, “Blueprints”, “New”, “quick”, “saved” and “back”. In order to get started with the spinning of some article you will have to start with “New” icon and then go along with the flow.

In order to get started with Kontent Machine, you need to enter your keywords that you plan to use in your articles. The software then starts working on its own scraping articles from multiple sources and jumble it up. Now with the help of a good spinner, you can twist this article and come up with something that you can use in your campaigning and will also provide you some good backlinking.

Assisting various other tools

If you’re already using some tools for link building, then Kontent Machine will definitely help enhance your technique better. It’s like a helping hand that can churn our unique content whenever you want. So there’s no more any need to pay someone for writing for you. You can use this software to solve your problem. There are many things it can do and some of them are………….

* Easy optimization for tier 1, 2 and 3
* Adds links automatically
* Single click spinning of content
* You can easily add images with videos
* Export content in any form you prefer

So when you get so many features in one software, why would you look for something else! It will immediately spin articles as per your keywords and if it doesn’t find suitable match for your keywords, it will come up with content that will work for your backlinks.

Competing with others

Though there are many tools on the market, but Kontent Machine always makes it a point to come up with unique content. We all know great content means higher ranking and Kontent Machine makes it possible for you. This software also works hand in hand with many other services. Amongst the spinning tools used by Kontent Machine are Spin Rewriter, Spinner Chief and Spin Chimp.

If you feel you can rewrite content manually, then that option also available with Kontent Machine. The biggest objective is to get content as perfect as you can. If you’re not satisfied with what this software provides you then you can also do it yourself.


• Best content creation software that works!
• Good for link building

• Easily add images and videos

• It has simple interface

• Best customer support


• Not suitable for money sites


Kontent Machine is the best software if you want to create tons of content for your link building campaigns. It can get you high quality backlinks by creating content around your keywords. You can use this software by paying $37 monthly and it also comes with a lifetime offer at $357.

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