My Magic Submitter Review And Why The Tool Can Help You Finally Start Making Money

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Would you be able to make a ton of money if you had a steady stream of visitors landing on your website every month?

The reason I’m writing this Magic Submitter Review is because I suffer from the exact same problem.

I can produce amazing results by optimizing my site for maximum conversions, but getting people to visit my website has been the biggest reason why I’m not getting the results I want on a consistent basis.

That all changed when someone in my mastermind group, an internet marketer much more successful than me, told me about the results he was getting with Magic Submitter and how I could easily follow in his footsteps.

I’ve Been Surprised By The Results

Since I started using the tool I’m suddenly getting a lot more traffic to my website. The one thing I’ve been desperate for all along and finally I’ve found something that makes it easy for me.

Obviously this means I’ve been making a lot more money, but I have even bigger plans for the future. Now that I know how to rank websites with ease I’m already imagining how much money I can make in other markets.

If traffic is the only obstacle standing in your way of success I think your problems might now be over.

It’s Full Of Cool Features

Backlinks are so hard to come by and Magic Submitter will give you as many as you need to rank for most keywords. I say most keywords because I don’t want you to believe you’ll be able to rank for ‘payday loans’ within weeks.

The funny thing is, an unlimited supply of backlinks isn’t even the best thing about this tool because there are others that can do the exact same thing.

I love the fact it can go out and sign me up to accounts and verify them without me having to lift a finger except for the initial set up. It also takes content I write and throws it up on thousands of sites, plus everything goes through a spinner so the content is 100% original and I don’t have to worry about duplicate content penalties.

It even takes care of all the captcha verifications, which might be where ‘magic’ comes from. I can sit back while it does everything in the background and it can run different campaigns for weeks at a time while I focus solely on optimizing my site.

Pros vs. Cons

I’ll condense what I love most about the tool and also why it’s not perfect.


Creates thousands of backlinks from multiple different places
It does everything on its own and I only need to keep an eye on things
All the content it produces is original, so I save so much time writing articles


You always have to keep a close eye on your rankings
Google can still change its algorithm at any moment
You still have to set up your campaigns when starting out

I’d Recommend It To Anyone

You wouldn’t be reading this Magic Submitter review if I didn’t think everyone would benefit from it. Even if you’re great at attracting traffic to your website why would you not look into ways to drive even more traffic to your site.

It’s especially good for beginners as you’ll be able to see quick results when people eventually start coming to your website.

You Have To Be Careful

SEO seems to change more often than the weather at the moment, so you still need to be careful when using this tool. If you only have one money site you can’t go blasting thousands of backlinks at it or Google will know something is up.

That doesn’t really matter though because the easiest way to rank for low-medium competitive keywords is by setting up 2nd and 3rd tier sites linking to your money site. Use Magic Submitter to blast thousands of backlinks to these websites instead and you’ll still rank.

If you just want to squeeze as much money as possible out of a new website before moving onto the next one when Google catches up to you there is nothing to worry about.

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