The SECockpit Review

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Being a blogger and an internet marketer I always need to get my keywords right since one mistake with the type of keywords I choose for my posts will translate to a reduced traffic to my blog page and website. I noted that I was spending a lot of time on computer researching about the perfect keywords to use every time I wanted to publish a post be it a blog post or an online marketing campaign post. After the amount of time I was spending on the internet I decided to consult with an accomplished online marketer who used to be my classmate back in college. I asked him if he knew any effective software I could use to perform fast keyword search for my posts. He quickly told me about the SECockpit and judging by how successful he is in the online marketing field, I did not hesitate to purchase it.

How the product worked for me

To begin with I like using SEO and online marketing tools which are easy to use and the first aspect of this software that I confirmed was that it was very easy to use. No technical skills were required and as soon as I installed it, I was good to start using it. I was able to get multiple keywords, as well as get reports about the most profitable keywords. However, the most outstanding experience that got me to love this software was how fast it was. I was able to get multiple keywords within seconds, keywords I used to get after long hours on the internet.

The outstanding features of the SECockpit

· Keyword research at warp speed. This software has the capabilities to perform keywords research within seconds. This is because it runs in the cloud and this speed is not subjected to the internet speed one is using. At least that is what I discovered it runs independently.

· Superior keyword analysis of data. The software performs an in-depth analysis of all the keywords it provides you with. It goes a notch higher to even provide you with access to a list of the top 10 sites that use the particular keyword in question.

· It shows ranking for all countries and languages. With such a feature, you will be able to perform online marketing for products that are from a different country without having to perform an online research about the trending topics in that country.


· It is time saving since it provides it keywords searches within minutes.

· The software is easy to install and it can be used on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Mac OS (cloud based-browser).
· There is a mobile application for the software and you will not be required to always perform the searches on your computer since the application makes it possible to access the search using your mobile phone.

· The ranking of keywords is done in all countries and, therefore, one gets a clear understanding of the most profitable keywords in particular countries.


· I have used this software and am happy to say that I did not find any shortcomings of using it. It is for this reason that I would highly encourage anyone else going through the same problems I was experiencing to purchase this software.  After more research the only thing that I have found is that there is no lifetime license for the software just monthly and yearly pricing.  I would highly recommend going with the yearly pricing to save a ton of money if you have the budget.


Basing my argument on the period which I have used this software and other SECockpit reviews this product is very effective in SEO since it provides one with the information of the most profitable keywords to use in one’s posts. So hurry and get it today and join me in enjoying the benefits of using this software.

Click here to access SECockpit