SENuke XCr Review

The Problem I Was Having Before


As anyone working to monetise their internet presence can tell you, the Google algorithm is a tricky beast to deal with. It is becoming easier to fall foul to its demands and you can see months of hard work plummet down the drain or even be sandboxed from the search engine rankings. I have been finding it hard to not only find adequate keywords but also how to make sure it is my site at the top when someone searches that term. This SENuke XCr review was written from this exasperated perspective.How I Heard About SENuke XCr

SENuke is a well-known brand when it comes to SEM and their SENuke X tool was a big hit and, whilst I never used it myself, I heard good things about it. I decided to try out the XCr now that it is becoming more and more difficult to boost yourself to the top of a search page. They promised to reduce the time I would have to invest in my online activities, which was getting ridiculous with all the changes. With a 14 day free trial, there was little risk to myself so I had nothing to lose by trying it out.
My Experience with the product


At its most basic, SENuke XCr is a crowd-sourced SEO service. By networking together many users, you can easily set up campaigns across a variety of different mediums, including social media bookmarking and blog pages. The interface is incredibly simple to use, and you simply drag and drop the features and services you want to make use of during your campaign. Then you select how long the campaign needs to run for before letting it run itself.

It allows you to create and share new scripts for websites that it is not currently able to backlink to, opening up a wider range of possibilities.


The interface was simple to use and easy to familiarise myself with. Once I had set my campaign up, it was good to know that it would be doing my work for me and I could concentrate on other things that couldn’t be left to automation.

Being able to share scripts made a huge difference to what I was able to accomplish, though it is a shame that you are limited in what you can get from others if you aren’t able to find something worth generating a script for.

Pros vs Cons

SENuke XCr is great if you’re starting out and need a helping hand.

The big downside to the process is that there is a significant fee involved, with the feature light version coming in at $67 per month, and the full option costing $147 per month.

Would I recommend this to someone and why?

Again, if you’re just beginning to work with SEO, it can be a useful tool to complement what you’re learning. Conversely, if you have a reliable income and feel your time could be better spent on things that the SENuke XCr allows you to automate then it might be a good investment.

Does this work in current state of SEO? How effective is it?

With the SEO market being constantly in flux, it’s hard to say how effective something is going to be. What works today could be dead by tomorrow. That said, the crowd-sourcing feature will definitely help this product stay on top, as long as there are enough people to make it work.