SEO Powersuite Review

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SEO is certainly not the easiest topic to get your head around, and this is a similar case for many other people, especially for newbies. Much of my time used to be consumed on learning and obtaining all SEO-related information which I needed in monitoring my online presence and researching how I could improve on this task. Basically, this was one of the biggest challenges I experienced by then.

Luckily, I came across a certain SEO Powersuite review on the Internet. And yes, I can say that the SEO Powersuite review exaggerated some features of this product. This is actually what persuaded me enough into obtaining the product, and I can clearly say that I am satisfied with the benefits it has to offer despite not meeting my highly set expectations. After spending some time analyzing its features, benefits and worthiness, I decided to compile a detailed SEO Powersuite review. The SEO Powersuite review below basically highlights my experience with the software, all you should know about it and whether you should also implement it.

SEO Powersuite Review

SEO Powersuite is by far, one of the best SEO tools I’ve ever used in optimizing most of my websites. It is smart and unique enough to ensure that you stand out from the crowd, whether you intend to use it on your client’s website or even your own blog. The software comprises four separate tools as explained below.

Website Auditor

All your website pages ought to be optimized for the search engines in order for the site to rank well. Going through each page to find any issues that required fixing was quite a monumental task for me. With Website Auditor, I am now able to easily analyze the entire on-page structure of my website and spot any flaws it had.

Website Auditor is able to crawl your site just like a search engine would do. This may take some time to complete depending on your site’s size. Once complete, the site is presented in a nice and easy-to-read manner throughout all your pages. This will include certain things such as meta-keywords, meta-description, title, number of links, any broken links, validation errors and many more. You’ll then easily identify the pages which require attention and take appropriate action.

Rank Tracker

I found it extremely useful to find out how my sites, posts and pages rank in different search engines. With Rank Tracker, I am able to identify the posts that are bringing huge traffic and those that are not. This gives me the chance to go back, work on them and analyze how they rank afterwards. Rank Tracker enables you to analyze a site, look for all keywords currently associated with the posts and analyze your pages’ SERP positions.


Link building has always been the key to driving traffic to my site, as well as improving my site ranking. Ideally, anyone running a blog or website wants to acquire quality links from the top sites pointing to your web pages. However, determining which sites are good can be difficult.

LinkAssistant allows you to search for such sites based on keywords, sites that link to you and those that link to some of your competitors. It then lists them in a neat manner which is easily readable. You can then rearrange the list using Alexa Rank or Google PageRank to note sites that you ought to aim for. Contact emails of these sites are also listed along, easing how you can get in touch with them.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is one of my best features of this SEO tool. This program enables you to perform some investigative work on your competitors by seeing who links to your competitors, the specific anchor text they use and the pages that send them link juice. You can then adopt such tactics on your own site to feature among the top spots.


Here are some of the exclusive benefits of SEO Powersuite:

I found it extremely easy to use.

It delivers top notch performance with promising results.

It has a great set of customization features. For instance, you can schedule the intervals during which your rankings are to be checked.

Professional reports are generated, and can be exported within just a single click.

On purchasing the product, you are automatically accrued to added advantages such as full time and multilingual support.


The powerful SEO tool is priced at relatively affordable price plans, that is, both the professional and enterprise plans.

There are different plans, allowing you to choose one that meets all your preferences.

Once you purchase the product, you’ll always get new features and any updates at no cost.

The tool will ultimately save you great deals of time and money spent on SEO.


The “search algo” updates are charged at different prices, depending on the length of your subscription. These updates are released whenever search engine algorithms are changed.

The free edition has very few features- the basic ones in fact.

Final Thought

I have used lots of SEO tools in my endeavor. I’ve also undertaken to test various software and cloud-based tools at various points. Among all the SEO tools I’ve come across, I would highly recommend SEO Powersuite to any website or blog owner. It works favorably in the current SEO state and its developers are still working on it. Performance improvements and extra features are thus highly expected. This tool is quite effective and bears all the features you’ll need to get better results in terms of SEO.

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