Traffic Travis Review

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The Problem I Was Having Before

Whilst I know all the techniques that lead to an improvement in your SEO ranking, it can be hard to know exactly how good your website is performing its duty. With the Google algorithm being constantly being updated, it can be difficult to get a handle on what your SEO ranking is looking like currently and there are no easy ways of tracking its change in position. Traffic Travis promises to resolve these problems.

How I Heard About Traffic Travis

A few people had mentioned it on various forums that I frequent, noting that the paid version had some intriguing features. The free version that I got downloaded smoothly and installed quickly and I had it up and running before too long.

My Experience With Traffic Travis

a. Features

A great feature that I found particular useful was the fact that it shows pay per click data.

All you need to do is pick which keyword you want to see the pay per click data for and enter it into the search box and you will be given instant feedback on what sort of ads are going to target your keyword.

b. Benefits

Along with the pay per click feature, it easily allows you to do some simple SEO research and the ability to find out keywords which have low competition and promise to yield high results. It analyses all the major search engines to provide you with how much competition you are facing in your chosen keywords. You can also use Traffic Travis to see the average monthly hits on your website. It also lets you see the monthly revenue of selected keywords, to help you choose a niche.

You will be able to find out with a few simple clicks what you need to do to leapfrog your nearest competition. Optimising your content has never been easier as the Traffic Travis walks you through all of the difficult stuffs.

c. Pros vs Cons

Being linked to Google AdWords, it is able to give you a good sense of how effectively your website is set up to maximise its SEO potential.

It is very easy to use and has a simple interface, so you should have no problem getting started.

The product has no ability to backlink and has no functions that allow you to set up keyword management campaigns or to keep a journal of your progress.

A lot of people report it being defunct nowadays, which it is if you are into large scale monetising.

Would I Recommend This To Someone and Why?

If you are a small business owner trying to increase your ranking, then this would be a good tool to help you do that. Alternatively, for anyone starting out trying to monetize a blog, this can be a good way to start bringing in visitors.

Does This Work In Current State of SEO? How Effective Is It?

It definitely works, making good use of Googles AdSense to come up with effective keywords to implement with your site. Unfortunately, it is not enough to properly compete with more serious SEO competition.

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