A Honest WP Twin Review



WpTwin is a tool that lets you successfully “clone” a WordPress site to a new WordPress install. On the face of it, this tool may seem pretty useless, but in reality it’s rather excellent for certain purposes. 

It has been developed by Wilson Matos and Jason Fladlien of Rapid Crush Software-a reputable and well established software company-creators of many popular WordPress tools like WP Fan Pro, WP Mobile Pro, WP File Lock, Easy Redirect Script, WP Member Champ, S3 Flow Shield, and so on




In this review, we will quickly go over what exactly WP Twin does, and what it’s good for and what it’s not so good for. 

WP Twin Review

Think of WP Twin as a sort of “Swiss Army Knife” which works for web designers, bloggers, online marketers and all those who use WordPress. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that helps you:

* Move your WordPress site to another domain — with all its settings, content, plugins, as well as links redirected automatically — as simple as moving a book from one shelf to another!

* Copying a WordPress Blog – You can copy a blog with all its custom settings without doing any kind of manual reconfiguration — just by dragging or dropping.

* Reliably restore a WordPress blog from a backup – You can do that exactly like it was with everything intact — even after a total hacking attack.

* Backup your entire WordPress site – not just select files, but all crucial data, all the comments and posts, and even your custom configurations — by clicking just one button.

Who uses WPTwin?

WP Twin will work for you if:

* You’re an authority blogger and want to protect your blog from fatal mishaps and hackers. It not only gives you a near-instant one-click backup of your blog, but is also surprisingly easy to restore it. You will be able to revive your blog just like it was, with all your posts, content and all comments intact. 

* If you’re an affiliate marketer and want to rapidly deploy websites and optimize your press sales funnels, so that you can successfully enter newer markets without wasting hours setting up sites.

* If you are into “domaining” buying, building websites and selling them on Flippa-you must transfer your sites to new owners. WP Twin can successfully transfer your website faster than you gulf your can of soda! 

* If you are a offline consultant or a web developers, building websties for local clients, WP Twin can be your license to print money. You can setup a decent gallery of prefab sites and when your client chooses one of them, just clone it from the prefab, and you can complete the job in a minute.

How often do you need WP Twin?

Even though you won’t use it every day, you can immediately use it to move a website to another location or restore your damaged blog. You’ll definitely be blown away by its easy to use interface. 

And if you want to use it on your client websites — be it mobile websites, regular WP website, or WP Facebook fan pages — you will find yourself using WP Twin tool several times a week, if not daily.


• It’s an all in one software that does it all for you
• It’s very reliable
• It’s really fast


• It’s slightly expensive


According the developers, WpTwin tool is currently being used on as many as 184,189 domains making it one of the most trusted and widely used professional WordPress cloning tool in the market. WpTwin does it job nicely and really fast. If you want a reliable cloning tool that comes without any surprise, there’s nothing better than WpTwin!