Long Tail Keywords

What are Long Tail Keywords and how do they fit in your SEO Campaign?

Find Long Tail Keywords at blazing speed

Keyword-research is one of the most basic aspects of a SEO campaign.They are the foundations of your campaign, that influence every subsequent decision. The two most significant factors that should be kept in the mind while conducting your keyword-research include keyword appropriateness together with their search-volume. The time you are getting started with in-corporating keywords in the website, you should not go after the high-search volume keywords straightway,although they’re the most suited for getting targeted. This is for the reason that high search volume-keywords certainly draw a lot of competition, therefore it can take a long time to begin getting positive results. It will be much better to choose keywords which fall in the middle, that should fall among high search keywords, but shouldn’t be largely competitive. These keywords are frequently known as long tail keywords, since they contain more than 1 word to convey the expression.

advantages of long tail keywords include:

They have lower competition

There is no denying that extensive keywords enhance search volume, but at the same time, they are awfully competitive. Let’s say that you decided to choose ‘shoes’ as keyword for your website. Certainly, you can imagine that there would be hundreds of sites targeting that keyword, and as a small shoe store owner in your local area, your competitors would be old and reputed retailers such as Macy’s, DSW or Zappos. So, when you want to attract visitors, you should choose a more specific feature of your products, meaning a keyphrase having a long-tail, such as “brown rock climbing shoes”. Well, it may not be among the highly searched words, but it won’t have too much of competition too.

Conversion rate is higher

When somebody uses a long tail keywords for conducting their search, it would be reasonable to conclude that they already searched the web and having failed to get the precise item, they narrowed down their search. When visitors search with help of broad keywords, it would usually indicate that they are continuing with their search. When the searcher knows what they are precisely looking for, say, brown rock climbing shoes, any website containing those long-tailed keywords stands a higher chance of getting clicked.

They make the campaign look natural

For an effective SEO campaign, it is imperative to have content that has the keywords you intend targeting. When you tend to use the same keywords too frequently, the search engines may consider it a spam. On the other hand, if you had used long-tailed variations of keywords, search engines find it a natural phenomenon.

It works out to be more economical, compared to PPC

SEO is certainly very important, though it takes too long to deliver results. When you want results that start appearing sooner, you should also plan for PPC campaign, which can be quite costly, more so when you choose to use extremely competitive keywords. You can avoid this costly affair by choosing long tail keywords for PPC as well. You may not get a lot of traffic, but you’ll certainly get a better rate of conversion.

Find Long Tail Keywords at blazing speed